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Ways to Eat Pepper Jelly

Pepper Jelly has about as many uses as there are varieties.  Our original list of 28 Ways to Eat Pepper Jelly has grown to 31 Ways to eat Pepper Jelly as shown below.  If you have any additional ideas for how you use Pepper Jelly, please let us know over at our blog.

31 Ways to Eat Pepper Jelly

  1. Glaze on vegetables
  2. Glaze on meats such as ham and pork chops Pepper Jelly on Crackers Appetizer
  3. Glaze on chicken wings - see our Datil Pepper Chicken Wings recipe
  4. Glaze on fish such as salmon, shark steaks and swordfish
  5. Topping for cheese and crackers including goat cheese, smoked cheddar and brie as an appetizer
  6. Mix pepper jelly with cream cheese for a dip
  7. Use pepper jelly on or as a side dipping sauce for jalapeno poppers
  8. Topping for ice cream
  9. Used as a spread to compliment a sandwich or hamburger - see Pepper Jam Sandwich recipe and Barbecue Burger recipe.
  10. On an egg, ham and cheese sandwich
  11. Phyllo Pastry tarts Appetizer with pepper jelly - see recipe
  12. Spread on turkey slices with goat cheese, roll-up, chill and serve as an appetizer
  13. On a fried oyster or fried fish
  14. On coconut crusted shrimp - see Coconut Crusted Shrimp with Pineapple-Cherry Habanero Pepper Jelly recipe
  15. Mix with sour cream and use as a dip
  16. On egg bagels with cream cheese
  17. On cornbread
  18. On popsicles
  19. Topping on cheesecake or pound cake
  20. With peanut butter on a cracker or toast Pepper Jelly Topping on Ice Cream
  21. Topping on waffles or pancakes
  22. Melt, mix with Italian dressing and use as a salad dressing
  23. Brush pepper jelly on pineapple or watermelon (see our recipe Bacon Wrapped Shimp with Grilled Watermelon and Datil Pepper Glaze)and grill
  24. On thumbprint cookies – see recipe
  25. As a BBQ Sauce/Glaze on chicken and ribs
  26. In margaritas
  27. In coleslaw
  28. In a sauce for mussels - see our recipe for Mussels with Raspberry Pepper Jelly Sauce
  29. Mix with plain yogurt
  30. Serve with a bread basket
  31. Use as a dip for fried vegetables, such as fried zucchini and fried okra

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