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Have you ever searched the Internet looking for free clip art and photographs?  Many times, it is hard to find photographas that are actually free unless it's for academic purposes. 

At, we are very fotunate to be in a year-around warm climate and to be located near so many wonderful beaches, parks and wildlife.  Please feel free to use these photographs for any reason except commerical resale as described below.

By including a reference to you may use any of the following photographs for:
  • Your website (personal or commercial)
  • To print for your personal purposes or to include in a publication
  • Any academic reason
  • Any non-profit reason

You may not use any of these photographs for commercial "resale" purposes without prior written authorization from Cow Memories, LLC.

To download a picture, right click on your mouse and select "Save Picture As".

 Ship St Johns River  Big Talbot Island State Park Boneyard  Dr Lake Sunse
 Ocean Pond Sunset Free Photo  Fernandina Beach Shrimp Crawler  Ocean Pond
 Ship St Johns River Free Photograph  Pumpkin Hill Creek Free Photo  Huguenot Park Free Photo
 Ocean Pond Free Photograph  Little Talbot Island Beach Free Photograph  Little Talbot Island Beach Free Photograph
 Drs Lake Mirror Free Photograph  Ship Boat Free Photograph  Pumpkin Hill Creek Free Photograph
Florida Marsh Free Photograph Drs Lake Sunset Free Photograph Ft Clinch Beach Free Photograph
St Johns River Free Photograph Big Talbot Island Boneyard Graveyard Free Photograph Ft Clinch Ocean Free Photograph
Little Talbot Island Beach Free Photograph Black Creek Oak Tree Spanish Moss Free Picture
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